About dubble photos

Welcome to dubble photos, the home of dubble, dubble print, studio MX and dubble film! That’s a lot of dubble, hope you’re not confused!

Our roots are from back in the day when people took photos on film. Some crazy photographers used shoot a roll of 35mm film, rewind it and send it to someone to shoot over it. This was called ‘film swapping’. This is what inspired us to create dubble.

Dubble is a mobile app that brings this awesomely unpredictable, serendipitous and creative experience to the smartphone generation. Shoot a picture, mix it randomly with anyone in the world and connect! We launched our beta late 2013 and in our first six months over 1.2 million dubbles were made in over 180 countries. After validating the beta we took dubble offline and re-launched in March 2017

While offline however we launched two other apps. Studio MX, a simple app to create double exposures with your own photos fast, using our unique blending algorithm. We also released dubble print, an app to print your favourite photos onto a range of great quality products.

In October 2017 we celebrated our 4th birthday with something very spacial. The launch of dubble film, a unique type of 35mm film which brings dubble in line with it’s roots in analogue photography.

We hope you join us on this journey and find ways to produce fantastic dubbles with other people, yourself or on 35mm film!

You can check an awesome gallery of dubbles, keep up-to-date with blog features and the latest news, join us on instagram, twitter, facebook or flickr but most importantly join us!

If you have any feedback or need help drop us a line!