Cats. We all love cats. But do they make good dubbles? Let’s meet Caitlin Cisar in Iowa to find out!

I am a twenty-something-year-old from the USA working as a freelance wedding photographer. I’ve also been doing “catography” for a few years now, which is professional photographs of cats.This is definitely my favorite genre to shoot, and I hope to one day travel the world as a catographer! :)

dubble is a great way to share images, collaborate with other artists, and to create something that you would not be able to on your own! I love the it encourages people to create with each other. I have been hooked since the first version.


dubbles by Caitlincisar & NinefishMmm709,

MaxhubbubOlivertwisty & Faba

Make sure to add some Cats to your singles by dubbling with @caitlincisar