Heading to Plymouth to meet Emily who has a self-confessed weak spot for sunsets!

I’m a graduate graphic designer currently in Plymouth looking at relocating to Bristol to try and kick start a career up there. Photography is a hobbie that keeps me sane. It’s something I love to get my head stuck into especially when it comes to double exposure photography/experimental etc
I love playing around with imagery and giving a simple photo more depth and character. And dubble is incredible for that. I love that the app allows you to chose who you want to collaborate with. 

The entire platform is amazing, it’s like instagram but so much better! 

When it comes to photography I like to photo everything, I’m kind of a “in the moment person” I don’t go out in particular to photograph something, I wait for it to happen as I find that’s the best way to get an image that’s completely authentic and natural and not staged. 

Check out some of Emily’s awesome dubbles!


dubbles by Emilykateraes & SunsetsMeandranel,


If there is one thing you do today make sure it’s to dubble with Emilykateraes